Park Life

Last week I went to one of our local parks; originally I was going to do a spot of blackberry picking like I do every year, but due to the weather earlier on in the year it appears that the blackberries are slow to ripen up at this moment. 😦 At least I brought my camera along to show you some of the wildlife and a few shots of what the park looks like this time of the year. 🙂


This is part of the lake and grounds of the park; it’s so beautiful this time of year, you can walk round the lake or go of into some of the other parts of the park where there are some open fields, a little playground or just sit on one of the benches and enjoy the beauty of the place.


There seems to be a lot of geese this time of year. This is a Greylag goose they tend to migrate in the spring but we do get some that stay here for the winter season.


I love this picture, not quite sure what it was trying to achieve but it stayed like that for quite a while with its head just resting upside down on it’s back. 😀


A Black headed gull – a juvenile I think just landing on the lake.


A pretty Pied wagtail (wally wagtail a friend likes to call them :D). There are so many running around on the ground trying to snap up the midges, insects and caterpillars; a really good feeding place for them due to the lake. 🙂


This crow had a mouthful of bread. I’m still not sure that it is bread, but if it is it shouldn’t be up around the park as bread isn’t really good for waterfowl birds like ducks and geese – it bloats their bellies. If you’re going to feed any waterfowl birds your better off bringing seed for them (sorry it’s a slight bugbear of mine!).


A last shot which I took was of the moon in the mid-morning and something different. I love moon shots they conjure up all sorts of thoughts. 🙂

Well I hope you like some of the shots of the local park and wildlife, it’s such a lovely place to go, very peaceful and relaxing. 😉



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