Bountiful Blackberries

Earlier on this week in a previous blog I said I was going to go blackberry picking – well I have. It was probably at one of my favourite places to walk, think and enjoy nature too! 🙂


This is a large reservoir that you can do a 13 mile round walk, cycle or run, it is one of the most beautiful and quiet places to go and it has tons of blackberry bushes. I have walked, picked blackberries and cycled this place many times and it never fails to amaze me at how great the scenery, wildlife and calmness that this setting gives off. 🙂


Blackberry bushes are always not far away from the path, they’re free to any who walk round this time of year and with the abundance of them the wildlife get their fill and don’t go hungry – always an added bonus.


Some ripe and ripening blackberries.


I confess that I have another tub of these beauties. I shall probably put the other tub into smaller containers and freeze them for the winter. I will  use these one’s for cooking a raspberry and blackberry crumble or blueberry and blackberry pie both with ice-cream….nom nom! 😀


Also spotted this cheeky Crested grebe while walking back 🙂


This little butterfly is called a Spotted wood, there were so many about and this one just sat there while I snapped a few photographs of him or her.

I had a really fun time collecting blackberries and my hands showed it too, probably as well as my stomach – I had some while I was picking, couldn’t resist. 😀

Do you go out to pick apples or blackberries; have any idea’s what I can cook with them – any would be welcome? 😉


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