How To… Make A New Shelf

Earlier this week I decided to make a new shelf to put some of my books on, so I thought I would share it with you (a little different from nature, garden updates or photography more of a How To…). 🙂

First of all I measured where my shelf was going to go and got all the correct measurements that were needed. I cut out the shelf from some marine plyboard, for this I used a normal hand saw.


Once it was cut out I then proceeded to rub it down with sand paper, making sure I had gotten all the rough edges nice and smooth.

I then cut out my batons which would hold up the shelf. You can see in this picture that I have already drilled some holes in them and used a countersink to allow the head of the screw to go just underneath the surface of the baton.


I did the same with the batons and rubbed them down with sandpaper so they were nice and smooth as well. Having finished off with this I took my tools and materials that I would need up to the house to install the shelf.

Here you can see that I have drilled and put plugs into the wall; I did this using the holes that I had already drilled in the baton as a guide, making sure that the batons are level before they are plugged and screwed into the wall using a spirit-level. As you can see from the lower picture all is as it should be nice and level. 🙂

p1010686 p1010689

I then attached the shelf to the baton by screwing it  through the plyboard.


You might notice that in the far corner where it does an L-shape that I have cut an inserted another baton diagonally underneath, this is so that the shelf has an extra baton to take the weight, although it won’t really be too much weight and the shelf isn’t really very wide.

I then attached some moulding round the edges of the shelf using tiny 25mm/1inch pins (small nails); you need to mitre or get all your 45 degree angles correctly cut so that they fit correctly in all the corners.


As you can see in the above photograph, I have already filled any defects or holes that needed filling.

My shelf then needed to be primed, twice undercoated and then glossed to finish the project; remember to use a fine piece of sandpaper to rub down gently between coats of paint so you get a nice smooth finish.

p1010695 p1010708 p1010710

As you can see from the last picture it looks quite smart and I painted the wall area before second undercoating and cut the gloss into the wall colour – which is the correct way to paint it.

I shall really have to wait probably 2 weeks for the paint to harden up until I put any books on there; I will give you an update with a picture of the books on the shelf then. 😉

I love getting a bit creative and building things, I do it a lot in the garden to help out the wildlife and it so much fun too! 🙂




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