I Made Soup…

Yesterday was really hot here in the south of the UK, so in the afternoon I came in from the garden and made some home-made tomato soup for the winter. We have had lots of tomatoes this year from our vegetable patch so it seemed to be the appropriate time to get cooking and get out of the mini heat-wave we’re having.

Here you can see I have 2 big bowls of lovely ripe tomatoes some that were in the fridge keeping cool and some that had ripened off in the greenhouse.


Next I quartered the tomatoes (with the skins on), chopped 2 large onions and what you can’t see is that I was already par-boiling 2 large sliced potatoes.


I then put my onions in our wok to soften before adding my par-boiled potatoes and tomatoes that have previously been quartered. I also added 1 bay leaf, some sage leaves (we have a bay tree and a sage plant in the garden), mixed herbs, a tiny bit of salt and some pepper to taste and then let it cook until everything is soft and ready for a tiny bit of mashing.


As you can see in the picture above I have my masher and gently mashed this up while it is still cooking; just be very careful when doing this as the heat is still on and it is still cooking through, I do this with the masher to save time later on.

I then empty the contents of my wok (very carefully) into a very large plastic bowl on the draining board of our kitchen sink.


Before this picture was taken, I have used our electric hand whisk to get out any lumps that were left over from the cooking and mashing. 🙂

I then ladled the soup into some small plastic containers ready to go into the freezer for the winter. Make sure you let the contents in the containers cool down before putting into the freezer.

p1010721 p1010722

I really like making soup for the winter, especially on those very cold winter days, how about you? 😉


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