September Garden Update

I’ve had a really busy month, but I’ve still managed to squeeze in doing quite a bit in the garden as well as cleaning out my nest boxes too!

I recently moved some of my Michaelmas daisies to the front garden in two batches and placed them by the small garden wall where they will get lots of sun and hopefully attract the bee’s, butterflies and all the other pollinators. You can see them here on the left of the picture (they needed some water as it has been very dry here).


As you can see I also have some Rudbeckia “Aries” (the yellow flowers in the middle of the photograph), like the Michaelmas daisies they flower well into October and provide a real splash of colour and are also great for the pollinators as well.

This flowering plant in the photograph is called Achillea “Summer Berries” another great plant for pollinators; this is a new plant I’ve grown this year and I’m going to grow some more for next year to put in the back garden also. 🙂


I really love the delicate little flowers on this plant and the leaf structure is interesting as well.

I have bulbs that have been put in the front and back garden, including: Snowdrop – Galanthus nivalis,  Dutch Crocus – Botanical blue, Grape hyacinth – Muscari armeniacum, Tulip – Tulip linifolia, Botanical Tulip – Tulip tarda tarda dasystemon all spring-flowering. I brought 3 boxes from CJ Wildlife – here’s a link if you’re interested: CJWildlife

This is the box that the bulbs come in; you can also follow the link above to CJWildlife and it will tell you in the details about how much light or shade they might need in your garden. 🙂


Sorry but the magazines underneath don’t come with the box of bulbs. ;D

We are also looking to get a new apple tree next year as our old one is dying, hopefully we will have apples again in the not to distant future.:)

I have cleaned out all my nest boxes and moved one of them as it wasn’t really in the right place.

Here’s my Blue tit box before I took the nesting materials out of it.


They had no eggs left in there which is great; I was lucky enough to witness them fledging this year – all nine made it out of the box which was brilliant. 🙂

This is what the nest looks like out of the nest box on some paper.


It’s amazing how much time and effort goes into these nests and how well constructed they are. Please take care when you clean out your nest boxes make sure you wear gloves and clean your boxes in the correct manner. If you follow this link it will tell you how to clean out your box and when is the best time to do it: Here This link is from the RSPB website.

I thought I would leave you with this, a very cropped shot of a buzzard that was really up high in the sky catching the thermals.


How did your garden do this year and what plans for next year?



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