That Autumn Feeling

I love Autumn, so many vibrant colours on the trees, crisp mornings and breathy air. 🙂

Recently I have been dog sitting so I decided to take the dog (her names Magic and she’s on the elderly side) to one of the places that is lovely for walking and enjoying the Autumn air.

This was the start of our walk, we missed the first shower and what followed was a lovely illumination of the trees and a rainbow that appeared through the refraction of the sun’s light through the raindrops – beautiful! 😀


As you might have guessed it rained while we were there and I managed to get a lovely photograph from underneath a tree when it poured down.


I love listening to rain it has rather calming, soothing effect to it and everything apart from the sound of the droplets hitting the leaves is quiet, still and silent.

After the rain came a rather dirty looking sky and even though it stayed like this it didn’t really rain too much more. 🙂


This photograph was actually very lucky and I didn’t really think that we would see any of the deer that call this park their home.


A buck ran straight out of one side of bushes and bounded into the other; I think Magic and I rather surprised it, but I hope it didn’t take it too badly.

I love to go out and walk and photograph in the Autumn and this place really reminds me of a good friend I went round here with in 2013; it’s such a wonderful time of year. 🙂

What do you like doing at this time of year?


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