Late Autumn Bloomers and Winter Veg

I have been really busy but I thought I would show you our late flowering bulbs. 🙂

These are called Nerines (Nerine bowdenii). We have had them in the garden for as long as I can remember, but this Autumn they have come out in abundance.


They make a lovely splash of colour and are actually good for late pollinators, a benefit to other insects and also birds.

I have also seen Red Admiral butterflies still about in the garden especially on our late flowering Buddleia, they also love to just sit in our hornbeam trees catching the rays of the sun to warm themselves. Here’s one I photographed over the weekend. 🙂


Finally our winter leeks and cabbage are growing well,l so we will have some nice veg to eat on those long cold winter nights with our main course of food.


It’s great to see that some of the butterflies are still about and that our veg garden is still producing good food for the winter.

I am starting to make plans for the garden for next year, do you have any suggestions or have you plans and what are they?




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