Getting Out and About Again

As most of you know who follow my blog I have now finished and passed my exams. 🙂 Over the last 2 weeks or so this has enabled me to get back to my photography and going out and about with my camera (sorry this will be a bit of a photo blog). 🙂

I have several pictures of Black headed gulls in our local park.



I do love the first photograph as flight really interests me and the mechanics of it; no human can ever replicate how these amazing animals just turn and land on a penny or just glide on the wind, it just seems so effortless and free.

Here’s a picture of a blue tit in my local woods on a branch in an oak tree.


We’ve also been having some really frosty mornings so getting out in the deep countryside is lovely and you see some really lovely things.

This mother and her young offspring were in a field (which actually has wildflowers in the summertime around the borders) which was quite a surprise, but a nice one. 🙂


They were both friendly, but as  you can see the ground that morning was full of frost. There was plenty of food for them though and I should imagine they had only just been put out into the field early that morning.

I also took some ground photo’s of how hard the frost was but I will just put this one in for now.

This oak leaf was frozen solid.


It really captured that morning and I do like the little bit of flare that I managed to capture in the top left of the picture.

I have one more photograph and this was from some drops of water that were falling from a small natural made crevice. I managed to get behind and a little to the side where it was dripping and shoot straight into a blue sky which shows off the reflection in the drop. What do you think? 🙂


I love early mornings when it’s frosty, the peace and quiet of just sitting somewhere with my camera listening to the sounds of songbirds or the bleating of sheep in a field. It’s great to be back out with my camera again. 🙂

Have you a favourite moment or time while out walking in the countryside?


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