Big Garden Birdwatch 2017 (my results)

Over this last weekend and indeed today has been the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch. This is a great citizen science project to see how the state of the birds of the UK’s gardens are doing. I really enjoy taking part in this and have done for a good while now. 🙂

All you need is to count the most amount of each single species of bird in your garden over a period of an hour.

Here’s a picture of a robin taken just after my count.


My count started at 10:03 – 11:03  on Saturday and here are my results:

  • Blue tit – 2
  • Great tit – 2
  • Blackbird – 2
  • Chaffinch – 2
  • Collared dove – 1
  • Dunnock – 1
  • Goldfinch – 11
  • Greenfinch – 2
  • House sparrow – 9
  • Starling – 11
  • Wood pigeon – 2
  • Total – 45

I had a total of 11 species of birds, although this is not as many as last year (here’s my results from last year Here ) I am not too disappointed because this is still a good result and last year I think was a bit of a freaky result. 🙂

And now for a few photographs.

Here’s a couple of starlings, one just left as I took the shot. 🙂


This male chaffinch was busy on both sets of my feeding stations in the garden.


Goldfinches were the most numerous bird in my garden and this is a very young male on top of my feeding station near the conservatory.


I always enjoy the big garden birdwatch but then I do keep a log of the birds (and other wildlife)  in my garden anyway; this is such a good way to see how the state of nature is in your garden especially the birds, it also gives the RSPB a chance to see whether numbers and species of birds are declining or increasing in gardens across the UK.

The results of the birdwatch should be published in March of this year, so I will keep you informed of the results when they happen. 🙂

Did you take part in the garden birdwatch, if so how did you get on?



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