Making a New Garage Workbench…

Hello, sorry I’ve been away for so long, it has been a very busy time – most of it good! 🙂

The workbench project is something that I have been trying to get around to doing for a long while, but time has been at a premium until last week and I thought I would share what I made.

This first picture is of the space of the old workbench which is on the right of the picture, I started by putting up the back bearer which has been plugged and screwed into the wall and has 3 legs that are also plugged and screwed into the wall to help with weight-bearing.


I put up the rest of the carcassing making sure it is all level and upright; everything is screwed together, countersunk (which means the screw-heads are underneath the wood surface) and not nailed because I might want to add things to the bench and it will be easier to take apart if screwed together.


I then started on the left hand side to make the L-shape workbench.

Using the same idea of plugging and screwing to the wall and putting weight-bearing legs underneath the bearer at the back again.

p1010735 p1010736 p1010737


The rest of the carcassing is done in the same fashion as the first side of the bench with shelving space and bearers.

After this I had to cut the shelves to size and notch out around the carcassing; this is done from the bottom shelves up to the top work surface.

p1010741 p1010742 p1010744

As you can see the top work surface is cut to size with some wood at the front edge to make a nice finish and to protect top surfaces edge as well.

I haven’t quite finished everything as yet but I will take some pictures of the complete finished article in about a week or so.

This project only took half a day to rip out the old work bench and then a further day to get the bulk of the new L-shaped workbench in place. I made several drawings and also quite a few revisions to those drawings before I started the actual re-building project.

I have some garden updates coming soon as spring is in the air and some wildlife pictures too! 😉





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