Excitement – Sparrowhawk in the Garden…

Yesterday afternoon we had a rare but welcome visitor to our garden; it was rather dreary and pouring with rain, I was actually cleaning my camera (lucky coincidence) and making sure the lens and body were pretty dust-free and clean. All of a sudden I heard a large thump and there on our fence was sat a beautiful Sparrowhawk, it had obviously missed its prey and looked quite dejected in the dreary weather.

I quickly assembled my camera and took a few photographs, not the best but the best I could manage in the short space of time this bird was in the garden on full view.

I was hoping that it would stay in the garden for longer but it then flew into our trees (which are starting to leaf up; good cover for a bird of prey); It stayed up there for about another 15-20 minutes, then flew off. 😦

It took our other birds a good hour to come back to the feeders and start using them again. 🙂

I hope we will see it again this year; although not good for our other little birds that it hunts, its brilliant to see this fantastic bird in the garden. 🙂

Have you any unusual visitors this early on in spring?


2 responses to “Excitement – Sparrowhawk in the Garden…

  1. Excellent Picture i must say. Even as an photographer i can understand how much it is important to make every picture creative that you capture when it comes to wildlife. Even i started photography to inspire others and for helping them so that they can raise themselves as an photographer. You can have a look on my work at http://www.nitinkhanna.net/ and let me have feedback for my work.

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