Blooming in Spring

The garden is in full spring colour at the moment and I thought I would post a few photographs of it. 🙂

I took this yesterday, it’s a picture of one side of our small front garden. The tulips have all come out in spectacular reds and whites, we have hyacinths of various colours and the daffodils are still just hanging on too! 🙂

This plant is called a Tulipa Tarda, its one of a number of bulbs I planted last year along with some English bluebells on the left hand side of our front garden.

I think this is an amazingly beautiful flower with that star-like flower that’s fully open and the electric yellow with the blazing white on the outside of each petal.

Here’s the afore-mentioned bluebell.

As you can see its just about to go into full flower. 🙂

These are the bluebells in our back garden along our top bed.

In with the bluebells are hyacinths, tulips, a giant allium; on the left of the bluebells is our campanula plant which runs along the whole of the free-standing wall with the bluebells, when they come out and flower they last for most of the spring/summer and autumn and the bees love them. 🙂

One more photograph, a male chaffinch sitting in our tree at the bottom of the garden.

Everything looks so colourful at the moment, fresh and new for spring, the bees and other pollinators are starting to enjoy flowers in bloom, I can’t wait until my wildflower meadow starts to flower too! 🙂

What’s going on in your patch?


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