Busy Garden Birds

During this time of year it’s a really busy time for our garden birds.

Laying eggs feeding chicks and then fledglings leaving and wanting to be fed by the parents….mostly!

Here’s a few pictures of our parents and juvenile birds in our garden.

The blue tit adults make about a thousand trips per-day to feed the chicks; this adult is just leaving the nest box.

I love blue tits they look like the punk rockers of the bird world. ­čÖé

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My Garden Oasis

Hi, I thought I would explain why I hadn’t been blogging recently.

A family member and someone I was very close to unfortunately had bone cancer (which is incurable) and passed away earlier this month; I have been doing a lot of thinking, especially about that person and thinking about a very close friend and someone I care about a lot that I haven’t been able to talk to since November 5th 2014.

My garden has become my little oasis and being an introvert this has helped me come to terms with the death of that family member and get back to my old self again. I am going to start blogging properly again when I have sorted out and edited some of the photograph’s I have taken while I’ve been away.

We have blue tits in our nesting box on the conservatory and this is a shot I managed to get (edited today).

I hope everyone is ok and in good health and enjoying the spring. ­čśë