Garden Update…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but summer is here, the garden is in full swing now with vegetables growing, juvenile and adult birds coming and going on our feeders, with summer flowers in full bloom. 🙂

To start off here’s a picture of a special visitor to the garden.

This male Sparrowhawk is a regular in the garden now. He hunts at least once a week in our garden using the trees to ambush any prey he can get. It’s great that our garden is catering for such a wide variety of wildlife.

Our blue tits have now fledged (I missed them go. 😦  ), they went very early in the morning in the first week of June, but here’s a picture of the adult bringing in a caterpillar while they were still in the nest box. 🙂

We also have lots of Swifts around too! 🙂

They have been flying at low-level around the house and I’m hoping that next year my swift box will get used, I have actually moved it so fingers crossed.

The small wildlife meadow I have created down the bottom of the garden is lovely now.

It has Oxeye daisies, red clover, birdsfoot trefoil and all sorts of other wild flowers showing through at the moment (the list is quite extensive to put in here), along with the bird feeders and the birds that use them which are down there it is absolutely a-buzz with different varieties of insects, it’s so great to listen to the soundtrack of noise down there. 🙂

Our campanula plant has come out in flower too.

This runs along our free-standing wall and is full of Bumblebees, honeybees and loads of different wild bees and other pollinators. It also helps with the tomato plants that are in front of the campanula as the bees pollinate the plants, so hopefully they will produce a good crop this year again.

On the vegetable side of the garden we have carrots, parsnips, onions, swede’s and runner beans.

It’s a great time of year with everything looking so good.

I hope your gardens are all doing well?


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