Deer Park

I went to a large park a couple of weeks ago; it was back when we had temperatures over 30 degrees or roughly 93 fahrenheit (for those of you who use that form of measure of heat). Fortunately I went early in the day so I didn’t get the massive heat and I also stayed pretty much in the shade wearing my large brimmed hat and lots of sun cream. 🙂

I thought I would share some pictures of the deer there.

This young female was keeping cool in the heat, although you can’t see there’s a pond just to the right of the photograph.

I caught this shot just in time, if you look very closely just above and to the front of the ear you can make out a butterfly.

I think the butterfly scared the deer and made it run for cover! 😀

I also managed to get a shot of a very happy Jackdaw.

I’m not really sure I would want to know what it was taking away in its beak (although I did check and if anyone wants to know they can ask?), but it seemed very happy of what it had found. 😀

This just made me smile when I started editing these photographs. 🙂

I’ve cropped it, but it just made me think how much I love to walk round this nature reserve, it also made me think about a good friend and when I took her round there too – good times. 🙂

It’s a lovely place and perfect for an introvert like me to just sit and relax, take photographs and just watch nature.



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