Making a New Garage Workbench…

Hello, sorry I’ve been away for so long, it has been a very busy time – most of it good! 🙂

The workbench project is something that I have been trying to get around to doing for a long while, but time has been at a premium until last week and I thought I would share what I made.

This first picture is of the space of the old workbench which is on the right of the picture, I started by putting up the back bearer which has been plugged and screwed into the wall and has 3 legs that are also plugged and screwed into the wall to help with weight-bearing.


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How To… Make A New Shelf

Earlier this week I decided to make a new shelf to put some of my books on, so I thought I would share it with you (a little different from nature, garden updates or photography more of a How To…). 🙂

First of all I measured where my shelf was going to go and got all the correct measurements that were needed. I cut out the shelf from some marine plyboard, for this I used a normal hand saw.


Once it was cut out I then proceeded to rub it down with sand paper, making sure I had gotten all the rough edges nice and smooth.

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New Shelf

Over the last weekend I have been busy building an add-on shelf to an already existing one, this is due to the fact I was running out of storage space for my DVDs.

I was lucky enough to have the timber already in the garage, had taken all the measurements and sketched what I intended the shelf to look like, so I set to the task.


I started by getting my bevel out and cutting the angle I would need to match my shelf.


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