Improving my wildflower meadow…

Recently I’ve been reading quite a lot about how to improve my wildflower meadow. Although it is in its first year and I have not expected to much flower activity to happen I wondered if there was anything I could do to improve the diversity of flowers for the following year. This got me thinking about a book I have recently read called, “A Buzz in the Meadow” by Dave Goulson.

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New Wildflower Garden Meadow

I’ve recently started a new garden project.

Having been given (finally and after badgering my dad) a small part of the garden I’m trying to grow my own wildflower meadow. I had wanted to do this for a while and being very keen on gardening, conservation and nature it seemed to me to be the perfect thing to do! So just over a week ago I began…. ­čśÇ


I started with this bit of soil above; this isn’t really very good for my dad’s vegetables so it was really going to waste. First I started by weeding the ground and then taking off the top 2 inches of soil. Continue reading